PWS Storage, Distribution, Dis-infection & Monitoring Systems

‘Our Putiied Water Distribution, Disinfection and monitoring systems are designed to be Plug & Play. They are compact skid mounted. pre-assembled, tested and pre-wired in the factory. The system comes with can be insuti-sanitized with hot water and Ozone or can be steam stetilized in place.

The storage tank is assembly primarily consists of;

  •  Jocketed. InsulatedStorage Tank ($8316) electropolished.
  •  Sproy Ball, Jacketed Vent filter
  •  Sonitaryetculation pumps (1+1)
  • UY System with intensity monitors
  • Sensors and tansmiters for Level, femperaiure, Flow,Pressure
  • TOC analyzer
  • PLC controlled Control panel with touch screen HMI and VFD
  • Zero dead leg vaives and sampling parts